Damilano Group, leader Company in cold profiling of steel profiles custom made.
Special profiles are fundamental components for every type of sector and are included in many industrial products. It is an indispensable supply for our customers so the production of batches is only one of the elements of our work.
Expertise in technical design and the best supplies of raw materials, combined with in-house production of equipment and quality controls are the characteristics that make Damilano Group the supplier of some of the largest European and world industries.

Collaborating with Damilano Group in the realization of your project means being able to take advantage of:


Consultancy on drawing

Feasibility assessment, engineering support, definition of raw materials


Dedicated equipment

Internal design and manufacturing of molds and roller sets.



Procurement of raw materials, production and packaging management according to agreements


Quality Controls

Verification of quality control, shipping documents, logistics.