Profiles for renewable energy

A sector of particular interest is that of sustainable sources. Over time, the Damilano Group company has specialized in offering profiles for renewable energy widely used in this area. Starting from the technical knowledge of the profile, the team of expert collaborators is able to develop proposals with the aim of making concrete ideas of all kinds. The high quality of the raw materials used and the technological innovation of the entire production process guarantee excellent results in terms of safety and durability of the metal elements.

Being a specific sector, the processing of profiles for renewable energy takes place in full compliance with the regulations and precautions necessary to ensure an excellent result. Damilano Group metal profiles adapt to every possible need in terms of thickness, length, cut, size and function.

The main applications of our products are listed below:

  • Photovoltaic systems structures
  • Solar thermal structures
  • Air conditioning

Choose Damilano Group! Our many years of experience in the sector gives us the skills necessary to fulfill orders for special profiles for renewable energy. Thanks to the acquired knowledge, we are able to develop a project in an integral way and thus provide a complete finished product: from design to production, up to logistics passing through packaging and quality control.

Are you interested in our special profiles for renewable energy and would you like to receive more information? Contact us for a quote!

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