Profiles for Construction

Damilano Group specializes in the design and production of metal profiles for the building and construction sector.

Producing for the construction sector means becoming part of a process of creation and customization.

The projects in the construction sector have no application limits and require practical, economical but performing solutions.

Damilano Group, thanks to the internal technical team and the use of increasingly advanced raw materials, produces a wide range of profiles for these applications.

We only produce special profiles for the construction sector with dedicated applications, participating in the search for materials resistant to loads and external agents.

Profiles for building are widely used in the composition of:

  • fences, barriers
  • prefabricated, metal structures
  • armor
  • scaffolding

An example in particular is represented by the noise barriers that line our highways, also produced with corten material.

Metal profiles for construction derive from cold profiling in order to outline the section in the desired geometry. Damilano Group is able to produce all types of profiles that can be used in the building and construction sector.

Choose Damilano Group! Our many years of experience in the sector provides us with the skills necessary to fulfill orders for special profiles for each sector of the industry. Thanks to the acquired knowledge, we are able to develop a project in an integral way and thus provide a complete finished product: from design to production, up to logistics passing through packaging and quality control.

Are you interested in our metal profiles for construction and would you like to receive more information? Contact us for a quote!

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