Special Profiles

Damilano Group was founded in 1980 as a company for supply and installation of false ceilings, plasterboard walls and elevated floors. This company division is now called “BUILDING CONSTRUCTION”. It provides solutions such as doors and windows frames, shading devices, and ventilated curtain walling, movable partitions, curtain walls and so on for designers, private customers and businesses.

At the end of the Eighties, the production of special sections, manufactured on the basis of Customers’ drawings, was integrated and then increased. The “SECTIONS” division works on the basis of the “sub-supply” concept that belongs to engineering industry. This division carries out processing and machining intended for sectors where “the cold forming of sections” can solve complex problems at lower costs, if compared to other types of mechanical processing.

In 1995 the Company has opened a new mechanical division in order to co-design together with the Customer the required parts, searching for the best solution for processing and costs. This division is capable to design and construct in-house all the necessary equipment for forming, starting from cutting dies to rolls, accessories, cutting and manual dies.